Ruth Lachaert


Ruth is trained as Biomedical scientist, has a Master of Biomedical Sciences (2001) and later obtained an additonal MBA (2010). She has 20 years of life science experience across Clinical Development, Critical Phase Project Management, Process Excellence, Team Coaching, and Market Access Health Economics, on global, EMEA and national level. Over the years, she started working with practical Psychology and TEAM dynamics; all in order to connect people and practice the art of collaboration. Ruth is curious, entrepreneurial, loves to learn, and wants to unfold potential, put people in motion, stimulate collaboration, and inspire for possibilities.

When did you join AGIO Capital and how did you get in touch with us?
I joined almost 2 years ago via our common connection Henk Joos. Henk and I know each other well and we share the same values. I have a broad background in life sciences, just finished another project and mostly enjoyed the alliance management roles I did in the past, so that was a perfect match for Agio Capital. 
Why did you join us?
Because of the creative and stubborn vision of Agio Capital’s leadership. We want to only take steps where we create value and be pragmatic about the rest. We also think long term and challenge each other on ‘old school’ thinking. I have a distrust for going to a seemingly ‘compromise’ too fast and prefer ‘win-win’. We don’t compromise on trust. 
What do you like about your job, what’s your favorite part?
I in general like to connect and meet new people; really listen to their stories. On top, our business partners introduce a cross-cultural dimension which makes it an adventure for ourselves too. What I like the most is to contribute on things that seem stuck and can be put in motion again. Or to create tailor-made solutions together.
What are your future ambitions?
People tag me with ambitious but the form in which changed over time (and keeps on evolving). I don’t want to strive for more status or become the greatest; I believe in freedom and prefer to protect my boundaries. But I love to work, spread my collaboration-vision, increase impact and get recognized now and then (as everyone). 
What are your hobbies, what do you do in your spare time?
There’s not a lot I don’t like but I need variation between activity and rest. Translated it means I frequently run and cycle, meditate, philosophize, read and write. I’m never bored by learning and so happy when you put me on a school desk. I sometimes like to get lost on purpose to experience improvisation and unexpected circumstances (lots of humor there). 
And at last, why is AGIO different from the rest?
It’s an entrepreneurial environment and linked to the reason why I joined. We promote diversity and TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) in a world that needs more inspiration. That’s móre than enough.