Kris Vandenberk


Kris Vandenberk is Director Technology. He is a Belgian with a global mindset, married with three kids. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science (1998) and a Master of Finance (2013). Kris is a technology investor with more than 20 years of international experience in venture capital, product development and management consulting. Previously he was active as an early- and growth-stage investor at PMV, with focus on enterprise software (B2B SaaS) and emerging technologies/deep tech (AI, IoT, fintech, cybersecurity, crypto). He is an expert-generalist, team player, highly analytical and lifelong learner with strong academic background in computer science and corporate finance.

When did you join AGIO Capital and how did you get in touch with us?
I was introduced to Agio Capital by an executive search firm and joined the company on September 1st, 2021. So time to celebrate my first anniversary!
Why did you join us?
At the time I was working for more than 7 years as an early-stage technology investor and was considering starting a new chapter in my career. I was captivated by the overall opportunity (and challenge) to start something from the ground up as well as the sheer passion and vision of the founders and team.
What do you like about your job, what’s your favorite part?
I am privileged that I can meet and work with ambitious entrepreneurs, savvy investors, and overall the sharpest minds in the industry. It is a very stimulating environment where I can look beyond the numbers and truly leverage my skills and experience gained as an investor, operator, management consultant, and developer to the benefit of our clients.
What are your future ambitions?
Nothing less than Agio Capital becoming the partner of choice for our clients that are at a crossroads and need support to realize their ambitions or weather a storm.
What are your hobbies, what do you do in your spare time?
Transferring my passion for science and technology to my daughters and learning what's "cool" from them in the process. I'm also an avid reader, picked up tennis again, and am learning to ski. Did I already mention that I am a web3/crypto enthusiast?
And at last, why is AGIO different from the rest?
Agio Capital is different in so many ways, but rather than trying to convince you here I would suggest reaching out to me (kvdb@agiocapital.co) it's a people business after all.