Our team member won the Cronos Groep-SINC Hackathon

We have some exceptional people in our team, and Business Analyst Gaetan Van Hulle is certainly one of them! Congratulations to Gaetan as he and his teammate won a two day hackathon, powered by De Cronos Groep and SINC!

De Cronos Groep is an early stage investor, incubator, and integrator with holdings in more than 200 companies in various sectors Their team designed a solution for a problem all of us are facing every day: traffic jams in the city center. The solution of Gaétan and his team, EcoRide, provides a new, ecological, fast and cheap solution to this problem!

Why are we different, we got often asked. Well, Gaetan is the living proof of what we stand for. We understand our clients very well as we are not only advisors, but have the entrepreneurial spirit too.

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