Our services: finding a buyer for shareholders who want to be acquired

OMV Natie is a well-established SME with 280 employees, founded in 1968 and a specialist in ground works for infrastructure purposes. 
Because of the limited players in the regional Benelux market, the shareholders of the company were looking towards a leading European which could add value to the business. 

What we did and delivered 

  • As OMV Natie was the reference partner of the major telecommunications operators in Belgium, it was clear to us that an acquisition of a strategic European player was the most likely way forward 
  • After negotiations with several players, within a period of several months OMV Natie entered into final agreement with Visabeira Group 
  • We assisted the company in the negotiation process, incl.  preparing all necessary Due Diligence documentation, price negotiations, Term Sheet and final agreement drafting 


  • Complete acquisition of OMV Natie by Visabeira (Portugal), a company with turnover of € 660 Million and 5,500 employees 
  • Successful exit of the shareholders, including a profitable earn-out scheme 
  • OMV Natie becomes part of a top European player in the market 
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