Our services: de-merger

Pronovem IP Group is a group of IP management companies active western Europe. Active in the business 40 years it was one of the top filers in each of its geographical markets, providing a full-service offering in patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, IP licensing and acquisition, IP dispute resolution and valuation of IP rights. 
The company is a family-owned business which wanted unwinding of the Pronovem Group and integration into an international group of the Belgian and Swiss assets.

What we did and delivered 

  • Agio was involved long-term in setting up financial reporting and streamlining the corporate structure 
  • We negotiated the best solutions with management in different countries, leading to a carve-out of the Lux & France assets 
  • Full-fledge M&A assistance to integrate (sell) the Belgian, Dutch and Swiss assets to AWA, a Swedish based industry leader 
  • Post-deal assistance in integration and corporate clean-up of remaining legal structures 


  • Exit of the family-shareholders at every level in a deal that secures the future of each of the local operations. 
  • Successful conclusion of a complex cross-border deal with management reinvestment at top level. 
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