Our article in MT Magazine: China is taking the lead in times of Corona

Recently, we published an article in MT.be about how China is gaining strenght again after lockdown. China is taking the lead again, looking towards a bright future with focus on technology and innovation.

The global coronacrisis has caused major shifts in the economic dynamics. China has taken a leading position, even more than before the pandemic. Despite the global health crisis, the Chinese economy was only one that has grown in 2020.

The trading conflict between China and the US has known its peak last year, even earlier than predicted. The West holds China responsible for the virus, while at the same time, Western countries cannot seem to keep their head cool in this crisis. China has a long term vision, while many Western countries look just how to handle things in the short term.

There is no doubt that China is a major economic force, and will only continue to be so in the future.

Want to read the entire article? Click here (Dutch).

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