Our article in Mediaplanet's Life Sciences editorial together with Complix

Every year, Mediaplanet publishes a Life Sciences editorial with interesting case studies, interviews and news happening in the life sciences sector. This year, AGIO is featured in there together with Complix, the company we recently helped signing a deal with the Chinese NASDAQ listed company I-Mab.

Henk Joos, general manager of AGIO Capital & Business Solutions, explains how the position of China within the global life sciences world has evolved over the past years. AGIO helps companies who are interested in entering the Chinese life sciences market, as well as Chinese companies who are looking more towards Europe, since the relationship with the US has known some hardships the past years. The tension between China and the US is having a major influence on the life sciences market, Joos states.

Mark Vaeck, CEO of Complix, is one of the companies AGIO has helped. Vaeck explains how the collaboration with I-Mab came about and how AGIO has played a role in the negotiations.

Click here to read the full article (in Dutch).

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