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On February 15, 2021 Henk Joos, Roel Van Ranst and Philippe Van den Broecke were interviewed by FOKUS Business Guide about the relationship between AGIO Capital & Business Solutions and AGIO Law, and the position of Asia in the global business world.

AGIO is a unique ecosystem of three branches working together as one: AGIO Capital & Business Solutions, AGIO Law and AGIO Finance. For this interview, Henk Joos, Roel Van Ranst and Philippe Van den Broecke explain more about this collaboration and reasons why collaborating with Chinese companies is in the rise.

Henk Joos, director of Life Sciences & Healthcare, explains how China has evolved in the life sciences sector and how it is still growing. 'AGIO Capital helps European companies to look more towards China, besides Europe and the United States', he concludes.

For Industry 4.0, Roel Van Ranst combines his expertise in this sector with the growing need for money and interest in China. Life in China has slowely returned back to normal, after being hit hard by Covid-19, which is clearly noticeable in their way of doing business.

Philippe Van den Broecke is managing partner with AGIO Law. His team helps AGIO Capital with the legal side of doing business. They offer a tailored solution for specific problems companies might encounter in this process. 

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