Our article in De Tijd: The growth of the Chinese pharma market

From 0 to the nr. 2 largest healthcare market globally, and here to stay

Within the span of just 10 years, China has grown to be the world’s second largest pharma market. Last year alone, it is estimated that China has spent over 137 billion dollar on drugs alone, more than Europe and Japan. With an ever increasing middle class of citizens expecting state-of-the-art healthcare, a continued trend of increasing drug sales of at least 10% is forecasted for coming years. It is therefore no surprise that China has seen a large influx of foreign big pharma companies in recent years, providing a win-win situation of the pharmaceutical business and the Chinese population.

Last week, our director life sciences & healthcare, Henk Joos, was interviewed by the Belgian business ‘De Tijd’ and asked about his insights on the growing Chinese pharma market and his predictions for the future.

Read all about it at our interview in De Tijd (Dutch).

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