Our article in De Tijd: Beijing has a plan, Brussels and Washington don't...

2020 was the year when the world noticed they had to watch out for China. For the first time, China received more foreign investments than the US. That is just the beginning of the increasing power China has been exercising.

In their fourteenth five-year plan, China has emphasized the importance of 'double circulation'. Double circulation means that the Chinese consumption needs to be increased, and that the technological innovation and the increased value of the industrial sector needs to be priority.

A second thing that the Chinese government wants to emphasize in its policy, is globalization and their position in the global trade market. For the first time, China has received more foreign investments than the US. The economic growth of China keeps increasing.

Beijing is looking forward, while Brussels and Washington are still busy trying to save themselves from the pandemic. That way, China is becoming even more prominent than it already was.

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