Meet our Agio Stars: Roel Van Ranst

Meet our Agio Stars!

At Agio Capital, we are rightly so very proud of our team. And there is no better way to show them off than to introduce them to you! Today we introduce Roel Van Ranst, our Director Industry, who joined in 2019, because he believes in the unique corporate structure of the Agio Group.

Roel joined Agio Capital, late in the summer of 2019.  At the time, he was open to start a new chapter in his career and came in contact with us. He had already a previous -but very good experience- with Agio Legal. In fact they negotiated a deal where Roel and Agio Legal  were on opposite sides of the table. They both vividly remembered their hard-ball negotiation, and consequently decided that it would be better for their clients to collaborate instead of opposing each other.

‘Agio, in its origin, is a law firm. But it’s an unusual one: its team of attorneys realized at a certain point in time that more could be done with their growing network of contacts than only legal advice: business strategic advice, corporate finance missions, commercial partnerships, etc. But they also realized that those services required a different set of skills and competences.  Add to that a layer of internationalization (we hold offices in Asia for instance) and you get quite a unique cocktail.’

Roel thinks that those elements created the fertile soil in which Agio Capital’s seed was planted and grew into an ecosystem that can deliver a full service package from a single office.

‘It’s been said before by some other of my colleagues, but I have the luxury of constantly meeting interesting people that try to build better businesses,’ Roel states. 'That is not only inspiring, but being able to assist those clients and companies in once-in-a-life-time projects is very satisfying. Contrary to what people may think, our consultancy business is a lot more about soft skills than it is about hard skills: the best deals are those deals where confidence is high between parties because they understand that they need each other to make the deal work. It’s then our mission to set that in stone.'

Roel would like to see Agio Capital, and the other Agio-companies, develop into a leading partner of choice for its clients. There still a lot unpaved roads ahead, but as a team, he’s sure we will succeed!

Roel used to be an avid cyclist, but he discovered golf a couple of years ago.  And the saying is true, once you get hooked, there’s no escape.  So at every opportunity that he gets, he takes out the bag. He also started reading again. Roel says he has a tendency to post book recommendations on his LinkedIn-page. So go and have a look!

It’s rather politically incorrect to say that we are the best at every level, according to Roel, so that’s why he sticks with: ‘We have a unique style, a unique approach, a unique service offering, a unique ecosystem, a unique office, a unique team… Not to say we’re also passionate about what we do. You can probably almost “feel” our enthusiasm when you talk to us!’

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