International Women's Day at AGIO Capital

What would we be without our women? Pretty much nothing. 
We might be a bit biased, but in our experience one woman equals two men in intellect, beauty and just getting things done. So also at Agio Capital we celebrate International Women’s Day! And as such a very bigthank you for all the great work to Emma, Ruth, Passion, Fadoua and Hattie! 
Did you know that the first International Women’s Day was held in 1911, well over a century ago? But despite its history there is still quite some work to do for all of us. In companies for instance women comprise 47% of the workforce, but only 4.8% of S&P 500 companies have female CEOs. Men are promoted at 30% higher rates than women during their early career stages. And women are paid also less than their male colleagues.  
(Click here for the source) 
So let’s all try to take action to a gender equal world, diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We at Agio Capital certainly will! 

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