Agio Capital has successfully supported numerous companies in international deals and financing.

The Agio Capital Healthcare Team works with the leading businesses across European healthcare subsectors including pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotech, medical technology, digital healthcare and healthcare services.

We have a global reach, but especially unparallelled experience with the emerging Chinese healthcare sector, one of the most promising and dynamic markets in the world.

Not all transactions are public info, but here is our selected track record:

  • Apitope International: Acquisition by Worg Pharmaceuticals
  • Cambridge Cognition (LSE: COG): Strategic partnership with Luca Healthcare
  • Complix NV: Licensing deal with I-Mab Biopharma (NASDAQ: IMAB)
  • Complix NV: Licensing deal with Nhwa Pharmaceutical (SHE: 002262)
  • eTheRNA Immunotherapies: Euro 39 Million Series B equity financing round with selected investors
  • eTheRNA Immunotherapies: Joint venture (AuroRNA Bio) with China Grand Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Holdings Ltd (HK: 00512)
  • Futura Medical plc (OTCMKTS: FAMDF): Equity transaction with Atlantis Investment Management Limited
  • Futura Medical plc (OTCMKTS: FAMDF): Joint venture with Co-High Investment Management Limited
  • Miracor Medical SA: Euro 24 Million Series E equity financing round with selected investors
  • Octimet Oncology NV: Licensing deal with Allist Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd (CH: 1136216D)
  • Promethera Biosciences: Euro 14.6 Million raise of convertible bonds with selected investors

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