Our event with ITRI: International Symposium on Treatment of Brain and Neurology Disorders

On October 5th, we're honored to co-organize with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)( 工業技術研究院 , 工研院 ) a CNS symposium in Taipei, Taiwan.

Event must-knows:

We link Europe and Asia in the field of Brain and Neurology Disorders by matchmaking top-notch expertise!

Selected European Biotechs with first-in-class & best-in-class therapeutics will present there, so keep up with us to find out more!

We of course would like to thank Chien-Jung Chen and Fu-Ming Wang of ITRI for recognizing Agio Capital & Business Solutions as the only Europe-Asia One-Stop Shop.

Our Director of Life Sciences, Henk Joos, is holding a Keynote Speech about innovation hubs in Europe and how they translate their ideas into business. A few European companies like Accure Therapeutics, CuraVac and reMYND are also part of this event, besides a few experts in the field based in Taiwan.

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