Our event with Hyphen Projects: Acces Biotech China

Today is the second day of Access Biotech China by Hyphen Projects, entirely online!

Yesterday, our own General Manager & Life Sciences Director Henk Joos hosted the entire day together with Geeske In 't Velt-Koolhaas from 3EACON and held a short presentation about the Chinese Life Sciences sector, landscape, hubs, opportunities & future expectations. Our clients Steven Powell from eTheRNA Immunotherapies and Mark Vaeck from Complix were also part of the program!

Today, many interesting expert sessions are being hosted by the participants of the conference, too.
We ourselves from AGIO Capital just held our own expert session, together with Stephen Chan. (C-Bridge Capital), Daniel Wang (TusPark) and Michael Wang (Grand Pharma). Thank you for joining us in the interesting discussion!

We’re very pleased with the outcome of the conference!

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